The Chet Lanzo Centennial 2014 SAM Champs

Sunday 14th September through Friday 19th September 2014

At the AMA Muncie Indiana International Flying Center

Logo by Luther Peters.

The 2014 SAM Champs will celebrate the Centennial of SAM Hall of Fame member Chet Lanzo 1914 -1989: Biography


Registration will be on Sunday, 14 September at the HQ motel from 12 Noon to 6 PM and the flying events will run from Monday 15th September to Friday 19th September at the AMA International Flying Center.

The Free Flight Contest Director is former SAM President Jim O'Reilly

RC Contest Director is 2006 and 2010 RC Glow Champion Mike Salvador assisted by Glen Poole as Electric CD. Mike and Rosalia are shown here at the Muncie Champs.

Tina and Chuck Kime are once again the Registrars as they were in 2010.

Here is Tina with husband and co-registrar Chuck Kime and Eut Tileston and at the 2009 Boulder City Champs. Chuck Kime is the 2014 Concours Manager

The rest of our management team includes Midwest VP Andy Latowski, Former Champs Contest Manager Dave Meriwether and 2010 Champs Management veterans Dick Bartkowski and Colin Widdison

We are currently surveying the Muncie hotels in order to get the best for our HQ and will let you know our selection as soon as possible so you may make your reservations.

We will hold a President's Reception on the registration Sunday evening 14th September at the Claude McCullough education center at AMA Museum site as we did in 2010.

The Bean Feed will be held on the Tuesday under a tent on the AMA flying site and will include the Engine Raffle which is once again run by Treasurer Ron Boots.

The Swap Meet, Concours and Membership meeting will be held on Wednesday 17th at the Horizon Center as will the Friday evening Banquet.

Luther Peters is once again working on another Champs decal masterpiece for us.

Chet Lanzo's Centennial Models of the Year

The Models of the Year for 2014 will be any Lanzo design in celebration of Chet's Centennial. We shall be awarding Plaque decals for the top Lanzo model in each event and a commemorative pin for every flyer of a Lanzo model that provides or presents for a digital photograph. We expect a magnificent photo montage in Speaks following the Champs.

Chet's popular designs include rubber, ignition/glow powered and a glider that may be flown in free flight and RC events. Some of them are;

Chet Lanzo's Models
Rubber Ignition/Glow Glider
1933 Cabin
Classic Cabin or Wake
Championship Stick
Duplex Cabin or Wake
Puss Moth
Record Breaker

Plans, kits and short kits are available from SAM's traditional suppliers including;

Jim O'Reilly Model Plans

Bob Holman Plans

Klarich Custom Kits

Academy of Model Aeronautics Plans Service

See Vendors on the SAM web site for additional sources.


2014 Champs Contest Manager Dave Harding