The 2016 SAM Champs

Registration Sunday 25th and flying Monday 26th through Friday 30th

At the AMA Muncie Indiana Flying Site

Registration will be on Sunday,25th September at the AMA Museum's McCullough Room; Noon to 6 PM and the flying events will run from Monday 26th September to Friday 30th September at the AMA International Flying Center.


The Management Team

We have the same management team that organized the 2010 and 2014 Muncie Champs; Tina Kime will once again be the registrar so stand up straight and pay attention when she calls you to correct addition or spelling errors on your entry form. The rest of the supporting team will be Chuck Kime, Dick Bartkowski, Colin Widdison and Dave Meriwether.

RC CD will again be Mike Salvador assisted by Rosalie and Andy Latowski with Glen Poole for the electric events.

Free Flight CDs will be Hal Wightman, now from the East Coast and his co-director George Walter, still on the West Coast. This team has managed all elements of SAM Champs for many years.


The Concours CD will once again be Chuck Kime.


With the steadily declining participation at the Champs we are mindful of managing the costs so we can at least break even or maybe put a little back in the SAM coffers. Consequently we have decided not to hold events in the magnificent Horizon Center. It just costs too much. Rather we w hold our registration and following reception in the AMA’s McCullough Room adjacent to the Museum. We will also hold the Swap Meet, Concours and Members’ Meeting there on Wednesday 28 th.

As the meet is later in the month we will not hold the traditional Bean Feed on the field, it just might be too cold. So we are considering alternatives which would allow the members to socialize on one evening, maybe also in the McCullough Room.

We are exploring the Delaware Country Club as the venue for the Friday evening Banquet. MECA held their banquet there and recommend it.

I shall be sending a questionnaire via email to all members who have entered the last two Muncie Champs seeking feedback on what we might do to improve the experience. But you don’t have to wait till you receive it to send us your ideas; send them through by email or snail mail or just call.

Dave Harding, Contest Manager

4948 Jefferson Drive

Brookhaven, Pa, 19015