The 3 Day RC Kerswap Challenge

Ok guys the challenge has begun.  I used an enlargement of the plan in Model Builder by Bob Isaacs for 1/2A Texaco (MB November 1985 and page 39 refers).  The .020 ff plan was way out in dimensions as I recall them and construction such as turbulator spars so Ididn’t use that one.  I started 10.30 am Tuesday 20th October and it is now 1.50pm (I had a lunch break of about 45 mins in this time) and I have the tailplane, fin and sub rudder made and hinged and could be now covered.  I will make provision for dismantling/bolting/boxing etc at a later date and after the fus is framed.  The picture of the parts completed so far, is attached.  Those cap strips are pain in this size.

It is now time for my tea (dinner actually) and so far I have spent 6 hours on my Kerswap.  I won’t do anymore tonight nor tomorrow morning as I have to attend my pottery class and go to the gym.

Not as much progress today as I was out until after lunch and chores etc meant that I only started after 3pm and in 2 hours I have the wing partly done and framed and the Speed 400 mounted in a hollow tube and faired into the fus.  Really needs a spinner and a dummy engine?

 Tomorrow doesn’t look good for progress as Bob wants me to accompany him to Sydney and back (200 miles each way) and I am out for dinner and a symphony concert in the evening.  So….… maybe Friday isn’t the completion date but I am way ahead of the 3 day schedule as I have only expended 8 hours so far! Just over one day!!!!!  A few hours of wing incl all that cap stripping and I am covering.

This is day 3 of work on the Speed 400 full sized Kerswap,  have expended 6 hours on day, 2 hours on day 2 and 3 ½ hours on day 3 for a total hours of 11 ½. – ie less than  2 full days of work  so far.  Covering is next and I will easily make the 3 days.  That Robbe brand spinner w/- 6x3 prop sure sets off the nose but it still needs an “engine” to make it look right – probably will get one too.

Even though I have exceeded the elapsed time in days I have not in hours.  I have added another 4 hours in covering in total 15 !/2 hours!  Just over two short work days. I ran out of white Profilm ie Oracover to you in order to cover the pylon and nose so I have stopped. 

The weight is 12.7 ozs with 1000 mah Li-po n 2 x 9 gram servos but no Rx or ESC.  I should be on or just under the money when completed. Balance is about 45%  Mike Myers, note the ‘diesel’ on the nose and the comp screw – it is there just for you my friend.

All ready to fly and a bit underweight at 14.5 ozs but it does need a tad of nose weight or a heavier Li-po as the cg is about 50%.  I think a longer nose is the go who knows where the Bantam resided.  I would go out and fly but there is rain in the area.  This place is like Southern California where it never rains and today it did. I spent a further 4 hours today even though it is the day of rest for a total of 19 ½ say 20.  That is under the 3 day time frame by my reckoning by a fair margin.  Mike the diesel throttles well and starts easily too. Pix to follow when the rain stops.

It is still raining and v windy here – maybe Thursday.  I added weight by using a 1500 mah li-po and now have a model weighing 15.74 or thereabouts ounces.  One interesting thing I did note was that the Robbe spinner/folding prop unit cannot have the prop blades locked out as they have pins.  Many of the similar units that I own have screws which only need a tightening twist to lock the prop blades.  Solution - I will use dental floss from blade to blade under the spinner to hold them open.

It was overcast this morning, looking like rain and with a slight breeze (lull before the storm?) but I flew the 3 day Kerswap.  I just need to adjust the ‘clevises’ as I had used up all the sub-trim and adjusted the clevises for that setting and thus had no adjustment left.  I now need to go back to neutral and then adjust – 5 mins work.  Flew like a dream and glided even better.  Had about 30 secs motor run for a 3 minute glide – very impressive model and it is almost as good as my Wedgy!

Now where are yours at?

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